Amazing Mums from the Animal Kingdom


Nothing can match a mother’s love, and the animal kingdom is no exception when it comes to expressing maternal love. We’ve compiled a list of the struggles, sacrifices and challenges that mothers in the animal kingdom undergo, all in the name of love, for their babies. Below are five animals that top our list of animals known for their expression of love for their new-born babies.


Did you know that a female orangutan only begets babies after eight years or so? As a result, the mothers have plenty of time to participate in their babies’ growth- and they do. And, that is why they make it to this list of amazing mums in the animal kingdom. The interesting aspect of these animals is the bond between the mother and the baby. Actually, within the first four months after birth, the mother and baby have an unbroken contact. Every night, the baby and the mum retire to the nest and the baby cuddles the whole night. Furthermore, even in maturity, orangutans tend to be strongly attached to mom

Orangutan Mother Feeding Her Baby


Pigs are known to be very intelligent mums. As mums, pigs can distinctively distinguish their piglet’s cries from others. Also, new-born piglet’s can learn the voices of their mum and even select a favourite teat. When Moms and their piglets are separated; the young piglets give very strong distress cries. Something to think about while you may be tucking into some bacon!


African grey parrots 

These birds understand raising a baby is a challenging task -that’s why they do it collectively. Once the eggs hatch, the babies are reared by both the male and the mum. Normally, these birds are very social in nature and tend to nest in vast groups with thousands of birds from small family groupings.  

African Grey Parrot


Elephants legitimately earn their spot in this list. Imagine giving birth to the babies weighing about 200–250 pounds after carrying them for a whopping 22 months! Yes, that is what elephants actually do. They give birth to the biggest babies on Earth. Interestingly, once the baby elephant is born, the female elephants in the herd play a role in “babysitting” the new-born. The full-time babysitters are referred to as “Allomothers”, and they assist in every aspect of rearing the elephant.

Elephants and Calfs


Bears are reputed for their protectiveness. Their youngsters are born hairless, blind and vulnerable. For the polar bears in particular, they have to struggle against all odds to raise their cubs in very low temperatures. To protect their cubs from the vagaries of bad weather, they have to dig an underground den to hibernate for the entire winter period. Once they give birth, they have to stay within the vicinity of the den as the cubs wean. All these events take place when the bear is fasting for an incredible 8 months. When the mother feels the cubs are ready, she will be able to go out hunting for seals.

Grizzly Bear and Cubs on Mountain

 So, that compiles our list of the 5 incredible Mother & Baby bonds within the Animal Kingdom! 

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