First of all, we want to say a HUGE thank you for even joining us here, at our online home. 

Here at Wild Souls, our mission is to support incredible projects around the world who dedicate their lives to helping wildlife as well as creating and selling products we are proud of. We choose different projects to work with on a 3 month basis and during that time 20% off all profits we make from all sales go towards that particular project. After the 3 months are complete, we begin working with the next incredible project.

We not only try and support the project financially a % of our store sales, but hope to share their message through the power of social media.

The first project we're supporting is the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund.

What we do and our mission
As our business is here to benefit wildlife, we wanted to ensure that our products are wildlife and environmentally friendly!

Our T-Shirts

We've ensured that all our T-shirts are from sweatshop free suppliers and printers use Vegan ink, as well as packaging being plastic free. 

Our T-Shirt supplier use newer, more efficient dye machines, meaning they're able to use 7x less water than the average for clothing manufacturers, saving 24 million gallons a week. Any water that is used goes through a filtration system that allows it to be recycled.

The manufacturing facilities produce almost no landfill because they recycle nearly everything that can't be turned into a t-shirt! Their cutting has been optimised to reduce plastic use, and excess fabric is recycled into a number of things like baby bibs or stuffing for upholstery. Let nothing go to waste!

Our Prints

All of our prints are printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper; which are all vegan and animal friendly. All printer Inks are also Vegan. 

Our printing company is based here in the UK and operate a range of recycling methods for paper, board, packaging; ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Our packaging for our prints are 90% plastic free - something we are working to bring up to 100% plastic free, whilst also ensuring your print arrives with you in fantastic condition. 

All invoices for photographic prints are sent digitally, meaning less paper is wasted during the purchase process. 


All of our products are print on demand; meaning we make it when you order! This minimises as much waste as possible, but does mean your order can take a couple of days longer reaching you; so please keep this in mind! 

We definitely don't claim to be perfect and don't believe in such thing. We're always looking to see how we can improve to offer the best service to yourselves and the wildlife on this planet.


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