T-Shirt Printing

Unfortunately, the apparel business has a bad reputation for their links to sweatshops. Our t-shirt printing company, Inkthreadable, also have a stern stance about sweatshops and are proud to say that their employees are paid above the national living wage regardless of the position they hold within their business. 

We believe that it's important to be aware of the ways in which garments are supplied and manufactured, and in turn, ensure that the brands we offer comply with the laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate. Inkthreadable will not knowingly trade with any brand or supplier that does not comply with these laws and regulations.­


T-Shirt Inks

Inkthreadable uses Kornit DTG printers. All Kornit machines use water based eco-friendly inks that are vegan friendly and not tested on animals (which is very important to us!). In fact their Kornits sustainability process is big on eco.


T-Shirt Supplier

"We are committed to maintaining and upholding responsible workplace and environmental standards. All US production and office facilities have received Platinum accreditation from WRAP. We only work with partners who share our values of a humane and safe worklace and are in the process of getting all our international facilities WRAP certified as well. 

"We are proud to produce responsibily made garments, manufatured in a humane, sustainable, eco-conscious way. 100% NO SWEATSHOPS.

"Our sewing floor is 100% solar powered and creates almost no landfill, everything we can't turn into a tee is either recycled or repurposed."


Photographic Prints

All of our prints are printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper; which are all vegan and animal friendly. All printer Inks are also Vegan. 

Our printing company is based here in the UK and operate a range of recycling methods for paper, board, packaging; ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Our packaging for our prints are 90% plastic free - something we are working to bring up to 100% plastic free, whilst also ensuring your print arrives with you safely. 

All invoices for photographic prints are sent digitally, meaning less paper is wasted during the purchase process. 


All of our products are print on demand; meaning we make it when you order! Due  to this, this minimises as much waste as possible, but does mean your order can take a couple of days longer reaching you; so please keep this in mind! 
We don't claim to be perfect, but we're always looking to see how we can improve to offer the best service to yourselves and the other creatures on this planet.

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